Applications of Pre-painted Galvanized / Aluzinc (PPGI / PPGL ) Coils
Applications of Pre-painted Galvanized / Aluzinc (PPGI / PPGL ) Coils

PPGI steel coils has light weight, beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance, and can be processed directly. It provides a new type of raw material for the construction industry, shipbuilding industry, vehicle manufacturing industry, and home appliance industry. And save energy and prevent pollution and other good effects. Mainly used in the following industries:

ppgi steel coils

1. Construction industry

Any sheet material may play an important role in the construction industry. Color steel coils can have different production standards for plating and color according to the requirements of different construction industries and the requirements of different construction projects.

2. Door, window and door body decoration industry

PPGI steel coils are also suitable for the decoration of doors, windows and doors, especially the rolling shutters or ceilings of some houses can be used for decoration. Its reputation in the door and window door body industry has a better decorative effect, and the decoration of color-coated rolls can also make doors, windows or ceilings have a longer use value.

3. Home appliance industry

The home industry is also the main industry of color steel coils, because some refrigerators and washing machines use color-coated steel plates, which are the main raw materials for the surface or shell of these home appliances.

 ppgi steel coils

4. Medical industry

PPGI steel coils, stainless steel and other materials as the surface material of the composite board, because of its unique dust-proof, anti-static and anti-bacterial effects, are widely used in medical, electronic, pharmaceutical, food, biological, aerospace and scientific research and other indoor Environmentally demanding purification engineering field.

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