Uses and advantages of Galvanized Mild Steel sheet
Uses and advantages of Galvanized Mild Steel sheet

The first is to clean the surface of the base metal before processing the galvanized sheet. The simplest cleaning method is to use pickling, but as much as possible not to use pickling for 

cleaning too much. Otherwise, it will cause harm to such products. However, some things, such as oil stains or welding slag, must be cleaned and removed first, otherwise the effect of the

 products produced under this situation will not be satisfactory. Moreover, after the hot-dip galvanizing of the steel grating, 

if there are pores or a relatively prominent welding surface can be clearly seen, we can use sandblasting and other methods for certain treatment.

galvanised steel sheet

Advantages of galvanised steel sheet:

1. Galvanized steel sheet has been popular for adapting to a wide range of environments and has a long anti-corrosion period, but the anti-corrosion period is different in different environments.

2. The processing cost is low, and the cost of anti-rust of galvanized sheet is lower than that of other paint coatings.

3. Durable and durable. In the suburban environment, the standard galvanized anti-rust layer can be maintained for more than 50 years without repairing. In urban areas or offshore areas, the standard galvanized anti-corrosion layer can be maintained for 20 years without repairing.

4. The reliability is good. The galvanized layer and the steel are metallurgically bonded and become a part of the rigid surface, so the durability of the coating is more reliable.

 galvanised steel sheet 

5. The coating has strong toughness, and the galvanized layer forms a special metallurgical structure, which can withstand mechanical damage during transportation and use.

6. Integral protection, each part of the plated parts can be plated with zinc, even in recesses, sharp corners and hidden places can be fully protected.

7. It saves time and effort. The galvanizing process is faster than other coating construction methods, and it can avoid the time required for painting on the site after installation.

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